Evansville, IN

    Don't Let Trailer Issues Slow You Down

    You may need a trailer repair in Evansville, IN and anywhere in the tri-state area from Indianapolis to Bowling Green, KY

    Once you’ve bought your own premium-quality trailer, you’ll want to make sure you know who to call in case issues occur. Lile’s Trailer Sales offers trailer repair service in Evansville, IN. Each of our products comes with a construction warranty and manufacturer support. We’re one of the only dealers in the area that do warranty work on our own trailers.

    We’re manufacturer-certified and can handle minor and major problems. Maybe you need a trailer repair after a rollover. You’ll need a full reconstruction service. Our team can handle the job efficiently. Make an appointment with the skilled team at Lile’s Trailer Sales in Evansville, IN today.

    Take good care of your trailer

    Don’t wait for issues to arise. You can prevent problems with routine care. When you get annual trailer maintenance from us, we’ll:

    • Check bearings
    • Check lights
    • Electrical Troubleshooting
    • Grease components
    • Make minor repairs
    • Tire Replacement
    • Bearing Repacks
    • Welding
    • Deck Replacement
    • Accessories installed
    • General trailer repair
    • Brake control installation
    • Wiring repair and complete wiring replacement on trailers
    • Trailer wiring on vehicles
    • Trailer plug replacement
    • Suspension repair/axle replacement
    • Coupler and jack repair and replacement
    • Light fabrication
    • Fender replacement
    • Insurance Coverage

    Schedule trailer maintenance now by calling 812-477-3966.

    Prefer to do it yourself? We've got you covered!

    Whatever trailer you own, get the parts you need to repair or spec out your trailer. 

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