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    No matter what you do for work or what you like to do in your free time, owning a trailer can open a lot of new possibilities and opportunities. With a trailer, you can easily haul supplies for that neglected home improvement project, haul away the landscaping waste you’ve been meaning to get rid of for weeks, or load up your ATV for fun off-road adventures. If you’re curious about buying a trailer but aren’t sure where to begin, our team at Lile’s Trailer Sales would like to encourage you to check out our store.


    Trailers in Evansville, Indiana


    Our family’s local business has been serving the Evansville, Indiana community since 1970, and we specialize in trailers. We offer new and used trailers for sale, trailer parts and accessories, and even trailer repair and maintenance services. Our wide inventory of trailers is constantly updating, and we make sure to keep our website updated with the latest options we have in stock. This way, you can easily view key details about each trailer we have available without leaving the comfort of your couch! Once you find a few trailers that you really like, you can give us a call or visit us in-store for more information.


    You’ll find that our trailers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and special features. For instance, we carry enclosed trailers to keep valuable items protected from the elements, tilt trailers that make it easy to roll equipment on and off the trailer bed, and utility trailers for everyday work purposes. If you need some help selecting the right type for you, one of our team members can recommend a few options based on your needs, budget, and personal preferences.


    When you’re looking for trailers in the Evansville area, there’s no better place to turn than our family-owned and operated shop. Browse our inventory online to discover what we have to offer!

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    Lile’s Trailer Sales has been providing exceptional products and services to Evansville, IN from the same location since 1970. Beginning as a small body shop, we started stocking top-quality trailers in 1992. Since then, our family-owned business has gained a reputation for our reliable trailers for sale and attentive customer service.

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